Donate to volunteers who are running Tor relays which support a powerful tool that helps you stay anonymous online. You can also support the network by running a relay as part of EFF's Tor Challenge.

OnionTip runs in an open manner and retrieves all its data from the network consensus data published in the Tor network. To get your running relay included, it must have a valid bitcoin address listed in its contact information. The contact information is listed in the Tor config file which will typically be at /etc/tor/torrc on GNU/Linux systems. Your ContactInfo line should include a bitcoin address as in the following example.

ContactInfo admin@oniontip.com - 1MiJ46CgV5pJzJy3aHvnwCvvpSN45q3Xva

Once you have made the required modification you will need to reload or restart your relay (service tor reload for systems using SysV init, systemctl reload tor on systems with systemd). After a couple of hours you should see it included in the list below.

Using the options above you can filter the set of relays that you would like your donation to be sent too. Your donation will then be divided among the relays listed below according to their Donation Share. The donation share is proportional to each relay's bandwidth contribution to the Tor network. If the share of your donation to an individual relay is too small it will be redistributed to other relays.

All previous transactions on OnionTip are published publicly to ensure honesty.

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# Donation Share Consensus Weights Guard Probability Exit Probability Nickname Fingerprint Exit Guard Country Bitcoin Address
{{ data.excluded.index }} - {{ data.excluded.cw | number:4 }}% {{ data.excluded.p_guard | number:4 }}% {{ data.excluded.p_exit | number:4 }}% {{ data.excluded.nick }}
{{ data.total.index }} {{ data.total.donation_share | number:2 }}% {{ data.total.cw | number:4 }}% {{ data.total.p_guard | number:4 }}% {{ data.total.p_exit | number:4 }}% {{ data.total.nick }}
{{ relay.index }} {{ relay.donation_share | number:2 }}% {{ relay.cw | number:4 }}% {{ relay.p_guard | number:4 }}% {{ relay.p_exit | number:4 }}% {{ relay.nick }} {{relay.fp | truncate:8:30}} {{relay.fp | truncate:8:30}} - - {{ relay.bitcoin_address }}